Academe Portal
2018 - 2020
Web & Mobile responsive
My Role
UI/UX Designer
The problem
Lack of affordable and usable systems catered for K to 12 schools.
Before K to 12 was launched in 2012 in the Philippines, the country was last in Asia with a 10-year basic education cycle. Since its implementation, institutions have clinched in finding providers that cater to K to 12 requirements. The problem is, only a few providers offer this customization and most of them are expensive.
The goal
To establish low-cost and accessible school management system for institutions
How do we help schools digitalize their traditional processes?
• Confusion around why there is a need for a transition in digitalization
Empower the different types of users (administrators, registrars, students, parents) with the knowledge that implementation of K to 12 will require the school to abide by regulations; and this can be an opportunity to have a better process
• Worried that it will be hard for them to get used to a new process
Assure them that the onboarding will be seamless and the new process will be a lot similar to their previous day-to-day operations
• Fears that it will lack the support that might affect their business
Provide them the knowledge that support and customer feedback are priorities to have a continuous improvement of the system
Proposed solutions
• Customized end to end system
The school management system abides by the K to 12 requirements and can be customized to tailor-fit the needs of the institution. With that, features (student info, learning management, accounting, reports) will be added only when they need them.
• Accessible on any device
Users of the school system are always on the go, they will access the system on their laptops, tablet, and mobile phones.
Design exploration
Academe Portal - Home and Styleguide
Academe Portal - Module setup and Curriculum
Academe Portal - Payments and Set matriculations