2022 - 2023
Web & Mobile responsive
My Role
UI/UX Designer
The opportunity
Millennials are interested in buying pre-owned yet premium cars for home use.
Nowadays, adults looking to buy used cars in good condition are either searching on social media groups or using traditional networking.
The goal
To have a go-to one-stop marketplace for buying brand new and used cars.
How can we earn the consumer's trust so they will browse our catalog and consider purchasing a pre-owned or brand new car?
• Provide transparent and fast financing options
Empower potential buyers to understand every step of the application process, even if they are still undecided in buying a car.
Proposed solutions
• Showcase wide range of vehicle selection
Present a diverse inventory of vehicles, including various models, price points, and features.
• Feature a loan calculator on the car's information page
Potential buyers can gain greater financial clarity, enabling them to assess whether the car they are interested in fits within their financial means. They can input various variables such as the purchase price, down payment, and interest rate. This clarity empowers buyers to make informed financial decisions.
Design exploration
Carsada - Home
Carsada - Inventory / Used cars
Carsada - Car details