Feb 2022 - Sep 2022
Web & Mobile responsive
My Role
UI/UX Designer
The problem
Self-employed with pre-existing conditions are not  serviced by existing health benefits.
Adults from mid-20s to late-40s who are self-employed and contractuals are currently underserved and present a huge opportunity for health services. They want an HMO when they are already sick, but HMOs are not willing to cover them anymore. They have relative perceptions of urgency contingent on their cash flow.
The goal
To have a health benefit system that lowers down recurring price for chronic patients
How do we guide them that our health benefit offering is what they are looking for?
• Enumerate the healthcare package inclusions and breakdown of cost
List down medicines, number of health check-ups included, and total cost vs. the cost saved in availing it as a healthcare package
• Targeting of healthcare package to its right type customers
Assign the healthcare package to its rightful customers by including which type of conditions are these packages targeted for
Proposed solutions
• E-commerce that has add to cart and wishlist
Direct e-commerce approach without challenging the user’s mental model. Healthcare packages can be bought for themselves or for their family members
• Implement a community group buy
Entice more customers by implementing a community group buy feature where the minimum number of customers buy packages at discounted prices. The more customers buy, the more the packages will have discounted prices.
Design exploration
Coora - Landing Hero desktop and mobile responsive
Coora - Log in and Packages list
Coora - Packages list and Package details