Digital X Accelerator
2020 - 2022
iOS & Android App
My Role
UI/UX Designer and Writer
The opportunity
Save time and reduce cost during development by using reusable components that are flexible to meet user’s needs
Product teams from Globe’s digital channels can save time in creating components, implementing states, app theming, and testing the components when they use boilerplates rather than building components from start.
The goal
To have a library app that showcases the boilerplates, overview, usage guidelines, and code availability
How to persuade teams that using boilerplates will enable Globe’s digital channels to accelerate their timelines and development effort?
• The term ‘boilerplates’ can be a jargon for other teams
Explain in simplest terms. Add examples and use cases in which boilerplates could be efficient during development
• Provide benefits of using boilerplates through metrics
Include real data stating the development time vs. development time using boilerplates to entice product teams
Proposed solutions
• Easy to install library app that showcasesthe list of available boilerplates
Provide a downloadable library app build that has the available boilerplates for easy browsing without the hassle of registration.
• Addition of  component preview and interaction
It would be not enough for product teams just to read about the components, they should also be able to interact with them on the library app.
Design exploration
Digital x Accelerator - Information Architecture
Digital x Accelerator - Welcome, Side Navigation bar
Digital x Accelerator - Boilerplates: Load promo card, Credit card, Carousel, Cards and Documentation