Eye Bank Foundation
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019
Web & Mobile responsive
My Role
UI/UX Designer
The problem
The traditional approach and outdated layout of a non-government website need improvement.
The goal
To raise awareness about the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines, encompassing its mission, vision, and objectives, as well as the causes and activities that contribute to these goals. This includes highlighting their E-pledge program and their advocacy for consented organ donation.
How do we improve the website by respecting the institution's brand and incorporating modern design trends?
Proposed solutions
• Infuse a modern sensibility characterized by minimalist design, concise content, and a distinctive institutional presence
Remove unnecessary content, improve the visual hierarchy of the content, and enhance the readability of the text.
• Highlight the E-pledge CTA
Place the E-pledge call-to-action (CTA) prominently on the navigation bar. When users click on this CTA, they will be redirected to the E-pledge form, allowing those interested in organ donation to easily access it.
Design exploration
Eye Bank Foundation - Home
Eye Bank Foundation - E-pledge form
Eye Bank Foundation - Donation page