Dec 2022 — Ongoing
Website, iOS & Android App
My Role
UI/UX Designer
The opportunity
Pet owners want an alternative to bringing their pets to veterinary clinics.
Millennial pet owners show demand for digital pet care solutions such as online consultation, home surgery, vaccination, and delivery of medicines at the cost of reliability and convenience.
The goal
To have a go-to app that allows pet health care services with a licensed veterinarian.
How do we let them feel that our pet care services are safe and reliable?
• Licensed veterinarian as our pet health care experts
Partner with licensed veterinarians as the vet experts of the app. Include their background, years of experience, specialization and services they offer.
• Highlight the vet services as being fast and convenient
Let the pet owners know that veterinarians will be on stand by for on-demand consultations like a traditional clinic.
Proposed solutions
• Pet profile and EMR (e-medical record)
Make it easy for our users when they are making profiles of their pets. Showcase the EMR feature that can store the pet’s old and new records directly after consultations.
• One-stop online consultations
Highlight pet health care services that the app offers. Include best practices of why they should avail this kind of health service.
Design exploration
PetPal mobile app - Splash, Welcome, Allow location, Sign up
PetPal mobile app - Home, Pet profile, Veterinarian profile, Medical history
PetPal mobile app - Consultation details, Booking successful, Chat with a Vet, Rate consultation